Replas’ Mr Patterson’s visit to B.L.P.S


Last Thursday we had a special visitor Mr Patterson from REPLAS come to visit us at ‘The Trashformers’ Hub at B.L.P.S. He watched our presentation and gave us constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve our presentation, solution and it’s model counterpart. We plan in implement these suggestions and improve the research side of our project.

On Monday night the Trashformers presented their research project to the members of the School Council Management Committee – Henry Grossek (Principal), Kim Award (PFA President) and Jodie Norton (Business Manager). They were blown away by our solution to the research project and Mrs Avard could not believe how amazing our robot ‘Optimus Grime’ was completing the missions on the board.

We would like to thank all our guests for giving up their time to watch our presentation and provide feedback to improve our research project.

Congratulations Trashformers!!! – FLL Victorian Champions 2015.

WOW, What an exciting day!

After months of preparation and training the day finally arrived. The children were excited and full of enthusiasm to give it their all at the 2015 FLL Trash Trek Competition.  This year 40 schools competed in 4 areas of judging – Robot Performance, Core Values, Technical Presentation and Research Project. We had some special guests from Ford Australia, Swinburne University and BAE Systems talk about the importance of robotics and engineering skills for our future leaders.


After the opening ceremony it was off to prepare for our first event. Our first event was a run on the board with our robot Optimus Grime. He put in a good performance scoring well but unfortunately not to his full potential.  We were a little disappointed but it was a positive and sound start to our day.

Our second event was the technical judging of our robot, its missions and our attachments. The children went in well prepared and presented their concept confidently. They discussed their mission strategies and demonstrated their robot on the board to the judges.  The judges asked them technical questions and were extremely impressed with the children’s attachments.

Our next event was the Research Project Presentation.  The children gathered all their equipment and plastic sorter prototype and made their way to the judging room.  On their way to the room the team was interviewed by one of the FLL judges on their Core Values. The children did very well under the conditions and circumstances and were able to tell the judge how they shared their ideas and experiences with each other and the wider community.

Once this was completed the children went into the judging room without their coaches, parents and support team and delivered an amazing presentation.  They scored full marks and were recommended for a judges award for the most innovative solution.  We were so pleased and proud of their performance.


Once the presentation was over we unveiled the plastic sorter in our team pit and invited the other teams to come over and try our model out. The other teams loved testing the sorter and using the dump truck to unload the plastic onto the conveyor.

Once the children had a quick bite for lunch the technical Team (Zoe, Kav, Eric, Leo and Kyle) along with their coach, Dan made their way up to the practice board to make some last minute adjustments to our robot.  They were preparing it for the last two runs on the board.

The children took the robot downstairs for its second run, you could feel the tension and nerves in the air.  The robot was set, ready to go and NOTHING!! Our EV3 brick had a malfunction!!.  By the time the children reset the brick critical time was lost and we didn’t score many points on the board. It was back to the training board to rectify the robot and give it some other runs on the board.

Then our final run.
The whole team was extremely nervous, this was our last shot and Optimus needed to perform.  Zoe and Kav made their way into the theatre and set up the robot for its last run for the competition. Our toughest competitors – The Megabots from Glendal PS were on the opposing table. They had some consistent runs on the board all day so we needed Optimus Grime at his best if we were to be competitive. The time was set and Zoe and Kav were focussed. 3, 2, 1, LEGO!! and he was off.  He manoeuvred his way around the course dodging obstacles and picking up the pieces on the board, he dropped the chicken and windscreen in the car, flicked the workers in the sorting area and loaded the trash from the conveyor into the sorter with one second to go! Boy, it was close. We were so happy with the run and were confident this may have just got us over the line.

We packed up our pit and waited to be called for the presentation ceremony.  There was singing and dancing to AC/DC Thunderstruck and the crowd was pumped! The awards made their way into the stadium and the judges presented teams with Lego trophy cups.  Teams with innovative ideas, teams with gracious professionalism were awarded and invited to compete at the National Championship in Sydney. At this stage we had not received any awards, we were down to the last one and the overall championship trophy.  The judges read out ‘the robot performance award goes to……The TRASHFORMERS!!’ we all jumped up and cheered. The children ran down the stairs and hi fived the judges and collected their award.  They posed for a team photo and then sat back in their seats.

Now, the moment everyone was waiting on….the Championship trophy for the best overall team displaying excellent results in all categories of the competition.  Everyone was so nervous, we waited and Milorad finally announced the winner ‘THE TRASHFORMERS’ we all screamed and cheered.  the team made their way down the stairs and collected the winning cup and cheered ‘Trashformers – Plastic in Demise!!’


There were smiles and cheers from around the stadium as the children ran up the stairs and were congratulated by Mr Grossek and all the parents and coaches.  We were so proud.

Congratulations Trashformers we are all so proud of you.  Good luck at the FLL Championships in Sydney on Saturday 5th December 2015.

Congratulations to teams icode21 and icode22!!

We just heard news from our NSW friends from Holy Family Catholic School.  We would like to congratulate teams icode 21 and icode 22 on their outstanding performance in their first FLL Competition in Brisbane today.  Both teams did extremely well and for team icode22 their journey continues to the National Competition in Sydney, as they received the Innovative Solution Award.


Congratulations to both teams and good luck to team icode 22, we hope we share in the same success tomorrow at Swinburne University, so that we have the opportunity to meet you all in person in Sydney on the 5th December.

Mr Young, we hope to organise another Skype chat next week to share our experiences with each other.

Well done from The Trashformers.

Radio Interview with Mr Grossek at Casey Radio 97.7FM

On Friday 20th November our FLL team, The Trashformers were invited to be interviewed by Mr Grossek, our Principal on his morning radio program, Viewpoints.


Casey Radio is a community radio station located in the City of Casey.  Berwick Lodge Primary School has been affiliated with Casey Radio for a number of years and we broadcast a one hour program called Berwick Lodge Student Hour from 2:00 to 3:00 on Wednesday afternoons.



These are the four members of the team at the Casey Radio Station, 3SER. This is one of the ways we are sharing and communicating our ideas about the importance of recycling plastic to our local and global community.

(from left to right) Henry Grossek, Principal Berwick Lodge Primary School, Kyle, Samudra, Kyra, Lincoln and Traceye Rapinett, Robotics Leading Teacher.

Introducing the Trashformers

For the past few months 8 students representing Berwick Lodge Primary School, Berwick College, Hailebury College, PLC and Berwick Grammar have been training extremely hard for the 2015 FIRST Lego League Trash Trek Competition.  These students range from Grades 3 to Year 7 and come with varying experience.  Four of our team members Zoe, Kav, Eric and Kyle have competed in The Nature’s Fury challenge two years ago and progressed through to compete at the world games in Pamplona, Spain.

Here is a photo of our Trashformers Team.
(Back row – Zoe, Eric, Kav and Leo. Front row – Kyle, Kyra Samudra and Lincoln).



We have been working in two teams after schools and on weekends.  Half of our team has been working on the missions on the board and the other half of the team have been gathering research for our project.  The children have visited a number of different organisations and spoken to many experts about plastic. We have been working with other teams and Skype conferenced and are sending letters back and forth with a team from NSW. We shared our ideas and experiences and hope to meet them if both teams progress to the National Competition.

With only a couple of weeks to go the children are fine tuning their robot on the mission run and working on their presentation for the judges. We can’t wait to compete at Swinburne University on Sunday 22nd November and meet the other teams.

We would like to thank our school community for all their support. Keep update on our blog for the latest news and results and please feel free to post any questions to our team.


Our scores over the course of the competition:
Round 1
Brainmeisters 114 (full score)
Rookies 114 (full score)

Round 2
Brainmeisters 15
Rookies 43

Round 3
Brainmeisters 88
Rookies 92

Round 4
Brainmeisters 88
Rookies 163 (full score)

Round 5
Brainmeisters 102
Rookies 172 (full score)







The final placing’s for the day based on the children’s top results were:

The Brainmeisters 17th

The Rookies 8th

The children did exceptionally well as they were competing against 24 other teams from around Australia and overseas countries Croatia, Korea and China.

FIRST Lego League 2015 – Trash Trek

This year we are excited to announce Berwick Lodge Primary School is competing in the 2015 FIRST Lego League Competition.  Keep updated on news, progress and updates via our Robotics blog.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL®) is a competition catering for upper-primary and lower-secondary school students. Every year, teams of up to 10 students build, program and compete with a robot, while also learning about a modern problem in science and engineering and developing solutions for it.  The entire competition for the year is based around one of these themes: Past themes include natural disasters, senior citizens, food health & safety, climate change, medical science, and nanotechnology.  Tournaments are run with the feel of a sporting event, and teams compete like crazy while having the time of their lives.  What FLL teams accomplish is nothing short of amazing. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And the skills they learn will last a lifetime.

FLL is a multi-part competition judged on three important elements:

  1. Robot
    Teams design, build and program a LEGO robot to complete a series of challenges.  The robot has to operate on pre-programmed instructions, and complete as many tasks as possible in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The challenge changes every year, and is always based on the year’s central theme. The 2013 game, Nature’s Fury, was based on natural disasters and robots had to clear branches of power lines, raise flood warning signs, and more. Teams compete on adjacent tables to score as many points as possible, and a number of awards are given for robot performance, programming innovation and clever design.
  2. Project
    Every year, teams study the year’s theme and develop solutions to problems they’ve identified in society.  Through the project, teams learn more about the competition theme and present their ideas to a panel of judges. Working on the project teaches students to research, think critically, work as a team and speak publicly. The project shows students they have the power to change the world, as teams can share successful ideas with their community, their school, their families, even all of Australia and the world.  The international FLL Global Innovation Award provides teams with a way to share their solution with the entire global FIRST community. Core Values
  3. Core Values
    Throughout the competition, teams are judged on their adherence to the FLL core values, including teamwork, Coopertition®, and Gracious Professionalism®. This aspect of FLL is designed to develop the students of today into the responsible citizens of tomorrow. Good examples of Core Values are observed and recognised with awards and trophies.  Through this celebration of good qualities, FLL seeks to make students into better competitors, citizens, problem-solvers and engineers.

Robocup State Competition – Melbourne University

Last Friday, 4 of our teams comprising of 12 students competed at the Robocup State Competition at Melbourne University. We had an early 7:00am start and 10 very nervous, but excited students travel to Melbourne University with their friends and fellow competitors, from Glendal Primary School.

Once we arrived and registered it was straight to the setup tables to take light readings and test the robots on the practice boards. This year their was a significant increase in the number of teams competing.  38 teams competing in the Riley Rover division and 26 teams in the Primary Rescue division.  The students competed in 5 rounds for each division with the best score and times leading to the top 3 teams progressing to the finals.

Here are their results:

Riley Rover Rescue
Kyra, Samudra and  Jayda – 5th Place
Louis, Lucas, Marco and Harrish – 10th Place

Primary Rescue
Kyle and Lincoln – 8th Place
Joel, William and David – 23rd Place

It is worth noting that The Rookies Team, comprising of Kyra, Samudra and Jayda scored perfect runs for each of their 5 rounds and only missed out on a place in the finals due to other teams being quicker than them on the day.

All teams are to be congratulated for their efforts on the day and the way they competed in the spirit of the competition.

We would like to thank Dan, our coach for his ongoing technical advice and training of the teams and Mrs Trimble and Mrs Aravanis for coming on the day and for assisting and supporting all of our teams.